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Google Dianne Hackborn has posted on Google+ about some common myths regarding Android's graphics rendering pipeline, and we have a rebuttal to that one as well. Interesting stuff, but I want to talk abut something related: Android's gaphics performance. I'm hearing a lot of talk about how Android's effects and transitions and such aren't as smooth as those on iOS, but on my Galaxy SII, everything is super-smooth. So, I'm wondering - what's it like for you?
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Mostly old news
by leos on Wed 7th Dec 2011 03:37 UTC
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I think the complaints of user fluidity are mostly old news. Android used to be horrendous. The new versions are getting better and better, and I think there isn't much of a difference anymore. I still think the iPad2/iPhone 4S has a slight advantage, but you do have to pay attention.
Something like the Galaxy S is already very nice. It's just once in a while you notice that some animation is a bit too long, or something doesn't quite move how you would expect it to.
However that's more design tweaks and I heard Android 4 solves some of those.

I still prefer iOS for other reasons, but Android is now equivalent as far as UI responsiveness goes on modern hardware.

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