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Legal I guess this is something many Americans hope would happen in the United States: the Dutch competition watchdog has raided offices of T-Mobile, Vodafone and KPN, the three Dutch carriers. The three carriers are accused of illegal price fixing, something they've already been found guilty of about ten years ago.
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In France
by Fabimaru on Wed 7th Dec 2011 07:42 UTC
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Companies get caught from time to time in France (or at the UE level) in various sectors, but if the the fine is lower than the gain, it won't stop well to continue. It would be much better if in the end they had an actual loss. In this case, I guess that the stockholders would sue the top management for their loss.

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RE: In France
by DOSguy on Wed 7th Dec 2011 13:04 in reply to "In France"
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if the the fine is lower than the gain, it won't stop well to continue.

True. In most cases it simply pays off to fix prices, because in the end it still was profitable. Wouldn't it be better to prosecute those people at the top ranks who are responsible for these practices instead of just fining the company?

Also, it bothers me that companies get fined, but the customers who payed too much for years don't see anything back from it. Does anybody know of an example where a company convicted of price-fixing was forced to sell their product cheaper in order to 'pay back' customers or something like that?

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