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Legal I guess this is something many Americans hope would happen in the United States: the Dutch competition watchdog has raided offices of T-Mobile, Vodafone and KPN, the three Dutch carriers. The three carriers are accused of illegal price fixing, something they've already been found guilty of about ten years ago.
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It would explain why the Rogers Samsung Nexus waiting list got yanked off the website while Bell pimps the phone for it's few months of exclusivity. Clear pricing policy would be a nice change too; actually stating the final price one pays instead of "you get XXX minutes for 30$ a month" at the start of the conversation and the final price being 53$ a month due to hidden fees and obligatory addon services. I need call display but I can't have just call display; I have to buy the bundle of three other features I don't want just to get the one feature I do want.

(and how I wish there was something more open, interesting and less invasive than IOS/Android/Win7Phone available too. I'd gladly open my wallet for something close to stock Debian on a phone like Maemo was)

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