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Windows Yesterday, Microsoft finally unveiled all the details regarding its Windows Store, which will be the default way to distribute Metro applications on Windows 8. Most of the details are all pretty standard and mirror those of other stores, but there's one interesting twist that is sure to make a lot of you happy: Microsoft has made special exceptions for open source software.
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Windows Phone Store != Windows Store.

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Yer on the desktop, they would be crazy to exclude copyleft stuff.

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Windows Phone Store != Windows Store.

Ah, OK. Point taken.

<sarcasm>Forgive me for getting a bit confused, I don't know how I could possibly have got that mixed. Obviously if software is for a phone it makes the world of difference if it is copyleft, compared to software for a desktop.</sarcasm>

Err, WTF?

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Phones are a strongly locked-down hardware ecosystem, and software always adapts itself to the hardware it runs on ;)

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