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Apple "Apple could face disruption to its iPad sales in China after a court rejected its claim to own the iPad trademark in the country and a rival sought to halt sales of the tablet device in two Chinese cities. The developments are the latest in a long-running dispute between Apple and Proview Technology (Shenzhen), a struggling Taiwanese-owned company that registered trademarks for the name IPAD in many countries long before Apple conceived its smash hit tablet computer." Apple is clearly copying from this innovative Chinese company. If Apple fanatics are actually consistent (*), they would condemn Apple for this clear case of theft.
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I remember the licensing being the result of a court case rather than Apple going "hey, we'd like to use that.. could we license it?"

I know both companies are running the IOS name but for the first commenter, there was actually a phone called the Iphone. I belive it was a wifi connecting or voip phone so both Iphone and IOS where "borrowed" after some legal debate. Apple is developing bit of of a history of knowingly taking other's names because it fits there marketing plan at the time.

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