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Internet & Networking "Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and other international leaders urged countries and private businesses on Thursday to fight increasing efforts to restrict access to the Internet by repressive governments and even some democratic ones. Opening a two-day conference on digital freedom here sponsored by Google and the Dutch government, Mrs. Clinton warned that restrictions on the Internet threatened not only basic freedoms and human rights, but also international commerce and the free flow of information that increasingly makes it possible." Uhm, Mrs. Clinton... SOPA...?
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RE: She should watch out
by Soulbender on Sat 10th Dec 2011 03:50 UTC in reply to "She should watch out"
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That's what it is: theft! Piracy must be stopped, it funds drug abuse and human trafficing, even drive-by rapes!
Haven't you seen that propa...informational video?

For real? There's a video that eludes to those connections? Heh. Bring on the reefer madness.

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RE[2]: She should watch out
by ephracis on Sat 10th Dec 2011 03:52 in reply to "RE: She should watch out"
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RE[3]: She should watch out
by Neolander on Sat 10th Dec 2011 09:00 in reply to "RE[2]: She should watch out"
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Man, and I thought that child labour was legal if it's about saving "only a few dollars" on freely available shoes and computers...

I should have known that DVD piracy is the main source.

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