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Internet & Networking "Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and other international leaders urged countries and private businesses on Thursday to fight increasing efforts to restrict access to the Internet by repressive governments and even some democratic ones. Opening a two-day conference on digital freedom here sponsored by Google and the Dutch government, Mrs. Clinton warned that restrictions on the Internet threatened not only basic freedoms and human rights, but also international commerce and the free flow of information that increasingly makes it possible." Uhm, Mrs. Clinton... SOPA...?
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American Politics
by Moredhas on Sat 10th Dec 2011 20:43 UTC
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If my understanding of American politics is correct, SOPA hasn't moved to her branch of the legislature, yet, as such, it isn't Hilary Clinton's turn. Of course, even once it becomes an issue she can act on, the copyright thugs will probably abduct her family or something. Obama campaigned on a strong copyright reform platform, and won the youth vote through social media, but as soon as he was sworn in, he must have been given a talking to by the copyright lobby. The kind of talking to where bad things might hypotheitically happen. If anyone needs further proof of the insideous grip of copyright and other lobbies in the US, you just need to look at the stark contrast between Obama's campaign, and his presidency. He even looks like a different person, now he's president, as if all the life and the will to do right have been sucked out of him. His skin has a sickly grey cast to it, he speaks in a duller monotone, like when a child is told to apologise, there's no longer any real vigor to his speeches.

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