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Internet & Networking Think companies only use patents to block competition? Heck no, they apparently also use them to hinder the w3c standards process. As Opera's Haavard details, Apple is yet again using patents (or even just patent applications) to hinder or block the development of open standards. Sickening.
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RE[5]: Wow
by PresentIt on Mon 12th Dec 2011 19:39 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Wow"
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I think he was referring to when HTC bought out S3 (technically both are owned by the same people so it was a matter of re-arranging the chairs on the deck). The argument one could make is that HTC only bought out S3 to screw over Apple.

It was Apple that sued HTC first, if I am not mistaken. So Apple tried to screw over HTC. HTC, then, bought S3 to defend itself, not to screw anyone over (did they start using these patents against anyone else?).

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