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Editorial The more I look at what HP has had to say about webOS; the more I think the project's as dead as a doornail.
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RE: On the flip side...
by WorknMan on Tue 13th Dec 2011 04:42 UTC in reply to "On the flip side..."
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...while there's not a MARKET per se, a donation-funded (completely distinct from HP) port could always target Google Nexus hardware or something...

Considering how many custom roms are available for my Android phone (at least 4 dozen), I don't even want to think about what would happen if HP just tosses it out to the wolves, and there's no centralized, governing body to keep things from getting out of hand. Basically, you would have 15yos throwing out a custom rom that they worked for 2 hours on with half the features working, and then abandon it three days later, and multiply this by about 50, and a clusterf**k of these type of threads on xda, and that's what you'll have to look forward to.

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RE[2]: On the flip side...
by bhtooefr on Tue 13th Dec 2011 10:47 in reply to "RE: On the flip side..."
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Oh god.

That's why I've avoided running a third-party ROM on my phone, actually...

Although, maybe webOS Internals could keep up a good "vanilla webOS" fork, and target a narrow range of devices?

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RE[2]: On the flip side...
by No it isnt on Tue 13th Dec 2011 11:58 in reply to "RE: On the flip side..."
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With the kind of government you ask for, it essentially isn't open source.

One of the first working custom ROMs available for the Sony Ericsson X10 mini was made by a 16 year old. He was something of a cunt, and eventually abandoned it, but his work wasn't bad at all. And even if a ROM is abandoned, it's not like switching to another one is much different from upgrading. The problem is if you get highly developed forks under closed licenses, with no source available.

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Bill Shooter of Bul Member since:

Well, to clue you all in. HP doesn't want a gazillion forks either. They want a model that's closer to RedHat, where the code is open and people can contribute, but there is one authoritative product which will be WebOS.

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RE[2]: On the flip side...
by lucas_maximus on Wed 14th Dec 2011 13:41 in reply to "RE: On the flip side..."
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This already happens with Remastersys and Ubuntu

They even had their web history in Gosalia!

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RE[2]: On the flip side...
by glarepate on Wed 14th Dec 2011 18:31 in reply to "RE: On the flip side..."
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XDA developer bytecode is only 13. And he appears to be working on 3 different ROMs at the moment. He is getting help from several of the developers that have produced the most popular and best tested ROMs for the LG Optimus phones.

I'm not running any of his ROMs though. At least not yet. (o;)

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