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Carol Pinchefsky contemplates commercial skipping DVRs, and other tales of really good technology that vanished, in 7 Awesome Bits of Tech That Just Freakin' Disappeared. As Pinchefsky writes: "...It got me thinking about awesome technology that we somehow ditched. The airship? Awesome. Slide rules? Awesome awesome. Mir Space Station? Boss-level awesome. And now just thinking about wristwatches with calculators makes me suffer a sense of short-term nostalgia (as in Douglas Coupland's Generation X). Here are some of the coolest features and products that we’ve lost along the way to 2012.

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RE[2]: 2 that I miss
by Morgan on Wed 14th Dec 2011 15:22 UTC in reply to "RE: 2 that I miss"
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Who decided that touchpads were superior anyway?

Apple did, if memory serves. They were the driving force in notebook/laptop technology in the 90s and when the PowerBooks started shipping with touchpads, PC makers started following suit with cheaper versions.

I do miss the trackpoint on my first laptop (TI TravelMate 4000m, high school grad/birthday present from my estranged father in 1995) and I also liked the LCD-mounted trackball on my old Compaq notebook. I forget the model these days, but it was white(!) and had a Pentium MMX CPU. I bought it used around 2000, upgraded it as far as it would go and it was my mobile computer for about three years.

The first time I owned a laptop with a touchpad, I almost returned it. It was horrid! I eventually conformed, though I kept a USB mouse handy and pulled it out whenever I had the desk space.

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