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Carol Pinchefsky contemplates commercial skipping DVRs, and other tales of really good technology that vanished, in 7 Awesome Bits of Tech That Just Freakin' Disappeared. As Pinchefsky writes: "...It got me thinking about awesome technology that we somehow ditched. The airship? Awesome. Slide rules? Awesome awesome. Mir Space Station? Boss-level awesome. And now just thinking about wristwatches with calculators makes me suffer a sense of short-term nostalgia (as in Douglas Coupland's Generation X). Here are some of the coolest features and products that we’ve lost along the way to 2012.

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RE[3]: Maybe they just sucked?
by Laurence on Thu 15th Dec 2011 10:49 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Maybe they just sucked?"
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Indeed! I had to buy a 2x speed SCSI external CD-ROM to play it and other CD-based games on my first laptop back in 1995, and it was worth the investment. I was recovering from cancer treatment at the time, and it gave me something fun to immerse myself in to forget about the pain and discomfort.

Dammit now I'm going to have to track down a copy of Myst and try to get it working on this 2007 era computer!

I also quite liked the sequel, Riven, too.

Sorry to hear about the cancer though ;)

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RE[4]: Maybe they just sucked?
by Morgan on Thu 15th Dec 2011 11:09 in reply to "RE[3]: Maybe they just sucked?"
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Thank you. ;) That was sixteen years ago and I'm long since recovered. I'm pretty open about it on here, and I just kind of assume that the regulars know about it (if anyone even cares). I don't mean to offend or discomfort anyone by bringing it up.

Anyway, I never got much into Riven. After Myst a lot of clones came about and made the genre a bit repetitive. To this day I don't bother with the "hidden object" and similar type games as I've been there/done that a thousand times now.

As for tech that disappeared...the article mentions Graffiti but I really miss the Palm platform itself. Until very recently I regarded the PalmOne Treo as the best smartphone I ever owned. Even as much as I like WP7, there are things the Treo could do that have yet to be matched on any current platform. BlackBerry came damn close, but it still lacked the openness (regarding facility, not source code) and customization potential that Garnet had. I'm tempted to track down a Sprint Treo as a cheap but reliable fallback in case something ever happens to my Arrive. (And yes, also as a toy for when I'm bored with modern tech ;)

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