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Internet Explorer As it turns out, Google's idea of silently and automatically updating web browsers for security's sake is actually a pretty darn good idea - Chrome is pretty much always up-to-date. Microsoft agrees with this, and has announced it's going to automatically update Internet Explorer on Windows XP, Vista and 7.
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RE: Woah!
by TechGeek on Thu 15th Dec 2011 18:49 UTC in reply to "Woah!"
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You obviously don't work for a company whose entire business process works through an online app written for IE 6. I am a Linux user myself, so I don't care personally. But this is just stupid. Microsoft is going to break a lot of peoples system doing this. And they were the ones who insisted on doing things their own way back then. Its their fault that there is all the fragmentation. Now you are just going to have to turn off updates altogether which isn't good for anyone.

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RE[2]: Woah!
by lucas_maximus on Thu 15th Dec 2011 18:52 in reply to "RE: Woah!"
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Did you read the article?

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RE[2]: Woah! - updateds already off
by jabbotts on Thu 15th Dec 2011 19:21 in reply to "RE: Woah!"
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Places that rely on an IE6 only webapp probably already have system updates turned off. They'll likely be feeding updates in from a WSUS or similar appliance after vetting the patches.

It also depends on how the update is fed in too though. Will IE have it's own internal update mechanism or will it actually become a required update through the monthly Windows Update site.

Given Windows update history; it shouldn't have automatically installed updates in the first place really. Notification of available updates; sure. Maybe even download updates and let the user decide when to install. Fully automatic updates lead to things like the programming abortion known as Microsoft Office File-Validation plugin not to mention the PowerPoint update which broke PowerPoint's ability to open saved files.

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muszek Member since:

We have (tens, hundreds of?) thousands of web developer who have spend millions of hours working around "bugs" in IE. And it's probably the least pleasant part of our job (well... maybe trying to sell our services is worse).

And why? I strongly believe that all these "bugs" are a result of a conscious decision to make IE render pages differently than all other browsers. It pays off to disobey standards when you have a 90% monopoly (like they used to) - a large number of "web developers" didn't even check their sites in other browsers. And it's the other browsers that looked bad, not IE. Just like Open/Libre Office pays for MS fscking up efforts to establish a common document format. How many times have you heard that OpenOffice sucks because it messes up MS Office documents?

So, to sum up - incompetent managers rely on technology from an evil company and hire incompetent developers. Why the hell am I to pay for it???

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RE[2]: Woah!
by 1c3d0g on Thu 15th Dec 2011 21:30 in reply to "RE: Woah!"
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No, you don't know what I do. And if the company is too lazy, ignorant or stupid to update their application, then they deserve to go bankrupt. It's their own fucking fault.

Microsoft has done an excellent move here. The Internet continues to evolve, if you can't handle it, DON'T be a web developer. Better yet, unplug from the Internet and go fishing or something, where you can use the same old tools as the Vikings.

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RE[3]: Woah!
by BushLin on Thu 15th Dec 2011 23:32 in reply to "RE[2]: Woah!"
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I think he was referring to the companies using the product which relies on IE6, rather than the developer of said product.

For a small business using say, an IE6 only CMS... that still represents a big deal in terms of investment for them and maybe they don't see value in replacing it.

I'm sure you enjoy being on the cutting edge but not everyone is set up to be so flexable; The people this might affect probably wouldn't even know it's coming until it's pushed out and they can't do their job

I'm guessing that Microsoft will allow those using WSUS (or perhaps group policy) to opt out as they created this compatibility mess in the first place *shakes fist*.

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RE[2]: Woah!
by Lennie on Fri 16th Dec 2011 10:40 in reply to "RE: Woah!"
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I don't believe this is to get people to move of of IE6.

Microsoft wants a new IE release every year, this system is to prevent people still running IE10, IE11, IE12, IE13 in a few years from now.

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