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Google Once upon a time, in a land, far, far away, there were two mobile operating systems. One of them was designed for mobile from the ground up; the other was trying really hard to copy its older, desktop brother. One was limited in functionality, inflexible and lacked multitasking, but was very efficient, fast, and easy to use. The other had everything and the kitchen sink, was very flexible and could multitask, but had a steep learning curve, was inconsistent, and not particularly pretty.
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He was stating that other people stating themselves as geeks were wrong (in his first few sentences) because they didn't know the history.

I didn't say they were wrong (and no need to get so angry, by the way).

I merely believe that having a good sense of history is important when discussing things like this. Framing 30 years of mobile computing history as "Android vs. iOS" is idiotic.

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That isn't what you said.

The recent influx of people who call themselves geeks just because they bought an iPhone or an Android device a few years ago

It is typical elitism. I know lots of guys are Lord of the Ring Geeks, but I don't bring myself above them because I have read the Chronicles of Conan.

BTW someone saying "FFS" and actually being venomous doesn't mean they are angry it means they are passionate.

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I think you were the one who missed the point of what he was saying. As I read it he was complaining about the people who call themselves 'geeks', particularly tech geeks, but only know things about iOS and Android. The sort of people who think 'I am a geek because i rooted my iPhone/Galaxy' and know next to nothing about about the technology with which they deal or, like Thom said, think that the portable industry was in the proverbial dark-ages before iOS/Android came to save us from it.

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BTW someone saying "FFS" and actually being venomous doesn't mean they are angry it means they are passionate.

That's passive-aggressive behaviour.

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Well, duh. There's no such thing as a non-elitist geek.

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