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Editorial Ethnologist Tricia Wang, via TechRice, writes on The Future of Computing in China. Touching upon such issues as culture, cloud vs super computing, and Silicon Valley vs Massachussetts's Route 128, she builds a case that, despite great strides and individual successes and brilliance, China's computing future will move in a different (perhaps slower) direction compared to the West
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Are Chinese in China Different?
by benali72 on Tue 20th Dec 2011 19:10 UTC
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Fascinating article, thanks for posting it.

Being in IT about half of the people I work with are of Chinese ethnicity. Some are US citizens, some are Chinese citizens. A few are from Taiwan or are Hong Kong people, but most are from mainframe China (PRC).

My personal experience with these folks would not tend to support what I read in the article. I don't see cultural differences at work in some way detrimental to China's development. But of course this is based only on experience with Chinese in the US, rather than in China! I have never been to China and do not speak Chinese. I will definitely ask my many Chinese co-workers if they agree with the article or not.

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but most are from mainframe China (PRC).

I love the mainframe comment!

Anyways, I had worked with Mainland Chinese programmers in my company.

So, what are the interesting things about working with Mainland Chinese programmers? They usually understand the (right wing) South Korean government's policies of internet censorship better than your average South Korean programmers. They seem to have a bigger picture of utilizing programming languages other than C++, of course, than your average South Korean programmers.

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A few are from Taiwan or are Hong Kong people, but most are from mainframe China (PRC).

The Big Iron Rice Bowl.

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