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Editorial Ethnologist Tricia Wang, via TechRice, writes on The Future of Computing in China. Touching upon such issues as culture, cloud vs super computing, and Silicon Valley vs Massachussetts's Route 128, she builds a case that, despite great strides and individual successes and brilliance, China's computing future will move in a different (perhaps slower) direction compared to the West
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I think
by shaunehunter on Thu 22nd Dec 2011 02:46 UTC
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This guy has his head stuffed too far up his own libertarian ass.

Silicon valley happened because California had the most access to the few computers on earth at the time. Jobs, Woz and Gates happened to be the rich kids that got to use them.

Electronic manufacturing has moved to China. From the chip fabs to the (retail)packaging. As long as China keeps training engineers they will eventually cut the west out of the process.

The Chinese government owns majority share in all Chinese companies. That's where the money comes from and that's where the profits return.

Innovation happens everywhere, especially where your not looking. Who's this guy kidding other than himself?

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