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In the News A new study from UCSB finds significant increases in businesses hiring organized shills to push products online. These 'malicious crowd-sourcing systems' enlist dozens or hundreds of professional shills to orchestrate mass account creation, generate bogus ratings, and post canned cut-and-paste positive reviews -- with each 'task' costing between 13 and 70 cents. 'Unscrupulous crowd-sourcing sites, coupled with international payment systems, have enabled a burgeoning crowdturfing market that targets U.S. websites, but is fueled by a global workforce.'
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RE[5]: shilling
by zima on Thu 22nd Dec 2011 23:58 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: shilling"
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energy sources that are millions times more energy denser than solar, wind or fossils

No they are not, certainly not millions; you have to factor "size" (if you talk about density per se) of whole infrastructure, also of its externalities, distribution, or how nuclear plants actually have very strict requirements for locations (and compete in that with people - the places are usually rather nice for habitation but nobody wants to live next to serious industrial installations, industrial noise)

Or... by your methodology, one can count the energy density of solar as that of a single photon.
(and generally, really, don't go overboard with your, for some reason, the one darling wundersolution & everything else can go to hell)

BTW, IIRC the self-wonder about wasteful practices of the (it seems) anti-AGW crank (judging by his hilarious distortions even of the most elementary data) & conspiracy theorist to which you replied above, his agenda is "I like burning ~'dinosaurs'"

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