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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless And another case of the internet apparently wielding more influence than it seems to. To much dismay, Samsung announced last week that several of its popular smartphones, most notably the Samsung Galaxy S, would not be getting an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich. The internet backlash was palpable, and today, word on the street is that Samsung is reconsidering its position.
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newer- shittier
by antik on Tue 27th Dec 2011 19:29 UTC
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I want my Android 2.2.1 back! Newer version 2.3.2. is prone to shut down and blackscreen randomly. I blame Linux kernel for this- memory hungry piece of shit.

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RE: newer- shittier
by jptros on Tue 27th Dec 2011 20:00 in reply to "newer- shittier"
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I too have issues with my Galaxy S SCH-I500 running the stock 2.3.5 such as the screen turning on randomly which is most annoying at night when you're driving down the road. In addition it will periodically come so unresponsive that I have to pull the battery to regain control. The cherry on top is the camera takes so long to take a picture, whatever you think you got a picture of is not what you got a picture of. I thought my HTC was crappy and this phone was better but the truth is they both suck even at the one thing they should be good at: just being a phone. Battery what? I have to pull out a hand crank to keep these phones sparking for longer than a 15 minute phone call (yes I exaggerated that number, but the battery life of every android phone I've owned has been terrible). What's worse is that the crappy battery lives of the phones on the market now seem to be reducing peoples expectations, frequently seeing people commenting "Man I can get 7 hours of my phone it's great!" F*** that, less than 2 days without a charge for minimal usage is unacceptable. I've had blackberry phones that lasted easily 2 days sometimes more with fairly heavy usage, barely making it through work hours without a charge just doesn't cut it.

These phones initially had that "Oooo shiney" affect on me but I've grown tired of them quickly. Pretty sure I won't get another android phone until this bad taste leaves my mouth. Back to Blackberry I guess, they might be a lost cause but at least they still sell some quality devices compared to the craptastic phones I've been toting around the last year.

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