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Windows Fascinating, this. As a Windows Phone 7 user, I can attest that it is every bit as good as iOS and Android - heck, in my experience, it is more polished, more consistent, smoother, and faster than either of those two. Yet, despite raving reviews and glowing user comments all over the web, Windows Phone 7 simply isn't selling. Former Windows Phone 7 general manager Charlie Kindel believes it's because neither carriers nor device makers like the control Microsoft exerts over the platform.
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RE: Does that mean...
by TemporalBeing on Wed 28th Dec 2011 18:26 UTC in reply to "Does that mean..."
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...that Nokia is screwed?

No. Their Billion dollar deal with Microsoft means they have to provide a few phones with WP7 on it; but it by no means means that they can only develop phones with WP7.

In fact, last I heard, that deal primarily affects that North American markets too...though I could be wrong.

In the end, wait for one of Microsoft's biggest shareholds to leave Nokia (e.g. CEO Stephen Elop) and then for the guy that replaces him to turn the ship again back to Symbian/MeeGo or even Android.

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