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OSNews, Generic OSes There are two main kernel architectures for large operating systems; monolithic and micro. While these architectures are well thought out, well implemented (usually), and well understood, they have their faults. Mainly, the loading of modules and executables, management of memory, and interfacing between the kernel and software cause these architectures to be vastly complex. With this complexity comes a loss of speed and increased difficulty for the developer. There are other kernel architectures, such as the exokernel, that are vastly different from traditional architectures, but they still have performance issues caused by userland processes.
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RE: OS News
by Alfman on Thu 29th Dec 2011 01:24 UTC in reply to "OS News"
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I am tired of most of the mobile device coverage too, but you know what? I notice those articles get a lot more comments than these articles do. Granted, that's probably because the fanboys/trolls jump all over them, but we have to face the sad possibility that maybe the real technical articles aren't very appealing to most osnews readers.

If I could make a good living writing technical articles, I'd have a blast with it, but I don't think the money's there. If I'm wrong: Thom please contact me, I'm sure I can help cover some fascinating technical subjects ;)

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RE[2]: OS News
by Dirge on Fri 30th Dec 2011 12:42 in reply to "RE: OS News"
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I also like this article and the way the author manages to get the technical details across without alienating me. Yes sometimes it is better to explain it to me like I am a 5 year old.

Boo to all the coverage the patent wars seem to get on OSnews. Bring back well written and easily understood technical articles.

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