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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless And another case of the internet apparently wielding more influence than it seems to. To much dismay, Samsung announced last week that several of its popular smartphones, most notably the Samsung Galaxy S, would not be getting an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich. The internet backlash was palpable, and today, word on the street is that Samsung is reconsidering its position.
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Why custom skins to begin with?
by cmost on Fri 30th Dec 2011 15:13 UTC
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In my opinion, all these Android phones running TouchWiz, Sense, and other custom skins are just bundling unnecessary bloatware. I can't understand why these phone manufacturers can't simply ship vanilla Android? It's certainly good enough for the Nexus range (superior in my opinion) so why not for everyone else? Why aren't these custom interfaces optional components that users can install only if they choose? Forcing these unwelcome customizations to Android is no different than computer manufacturers shipping myriad crapware with new computers and no longer including a proper Windows installation disk as a result of their meddling. The reason for restore partitions is so that all the crapware and manufacturer customizations get restored too. Why isn't this illegal? Manufacturers want to rope users in and then maintain a stranglehold on the devices once they're sold. My question is this: who really owns my tech, me or the manufacturer?

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"Skins" seem to be how mobile manufacturers try to find some way to differentiate themselves, they don't want to become just ~like PC OEMs. Also not doing, software-wise, quite the same things as the PC ones - adding to the OS not some trash mostly lurking on the sidelines, but top-down customization, "new" UI, which hopefully (in their eyes) will make people "used to" them.

Anyway, there are manufacturers hardly doing any modifications - and yeah, they might as well take over ...coming largely from the same place where PCs are made: ZTE, Huawei (those two perhaps not visible too much, but with explosive growth), partly LG.

PS. And "superiority" of Nexus has a hefty price tag, for vast majority of people it's most likely better to get 3-4x less expensive handset (for example, from one of the 3 mentioned above) and replace it only slightly sooner than a Nexus would dictate (anyway, I suspect that an average Nexus owner is among the "often upgrading" half)

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