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Novell and Ximian Novell is expected to initiate a major round of layoffs that could cut 1000 or more jobs in an attempt to restore the server software company's financial strength, according to employees familiar with the plan.
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The real issue
by garret on Sun 23rd Oct 2005 14:53 UTC
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I have been watching this (and involved in it) since Novell entered the Linux realm. The real issue is that their sales people make more money selling legacy than Linux . . . period. If you can't get the sales force online your screwed.

So although Novell IS doing alot that is right, porting current stack to Linux is a good example, if you can't figure out a way to convince your sales force 1. that they actually CAN make money selling it, and 2. educate them on the products (most Novell sales people don't have a clue about Linux), then you will never be a success.

Management. Novells management is actually aware of this issue . . . and that's why a lot of them have to go also, because they are afraid to change the company enough to make the new model work. Legacy keeps the lights on, so it's hard to make the change. Also, they are all soooooo used to the extensive travel and all that comes with it. All the cruft needs to be cut from the company, it needs to be steamlined and they need to concentrate on Linux ONLY. Support your legacy customers but DO NOT TAKE MORE.

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