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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This rumour is not new, nor is it particularly earth-shattering. However, with Windows Phone 7 failing to make a dent in the market place, and Nokia's Lumia 800 not making huge waves either, the rumour's been taken out of the shed again: Microsoft is supposedly acquiring Nokia's smartphone division later this year. Stephen Elop will resign from Nokia shortly afterwards.
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A glimmer of hope
by masennus on Thu 5th Jan 2012 12:42 UTC
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Maybe... just maybe... this is the best thing that could happen. Imagine that the windows team and some excess manufacturing capabilities along with Elop and his marionettes are transferred to microsoft, and nokia is left alone to return to it's previous great linux + qt strategy. We don't have to call them "smartphones", I would be quite satisfied with a linux based "dumbphone" phone running qt anyway. If Nokia threatens to back out of the previous deal and fire Elop then Ballmer would have to take this lousy deal even if the "windows smartphone division" would turn out to be totally worthless. Worst case of course is that enough patents are transferred that nokia would have to pay royalties to microsoft for every qt "dumbphone" produced.

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