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Syllable, AtheOS "I have started to port the linux ACPI subsystem because ACPI is becoming more important now and slowly replaces subsystems like the pci routing table, multi-processor table and apm. The Linux ACPI code is based on the os independent intel reference implementation and so the port has been very easy (and fast to do) so far. Currently the ACPI busmanager contains the basic acpi code (about 90% of the code)."
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I'm subscribed to the mailing lists, and from that it seems there's not much happening any more with Syllable, or at least the basic systems. Glad to see that's not the whole picture ;)

I'm obviously subscribed to the m-l's too, but I think you may have joined the wrong ones then! There's quite some activity in the m-l's, as seen in this screenshot:

And that's just one of the two active m-l's!

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Ehrr..ok I'm on the same list. But obviously having Gmail's condensed view of multiple messages and several other high volume mailinglists drowning Syllable out in my inbox might have something to do with it. ;)

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