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Syllable, AtheOS Red/System, the new programming language that is used in the Syllable project, has reached its next milestone: an ARM code generator backend for its compiler. It supports Android (screenshot) and generic ARM Linux (screenshot on Debian). Earlier, the backend for generating Mac OS X executables was already completed (for x86 CPUs so far).
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by henderson101 on Thu 5th Jan 2012 23:38 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by henderson101"
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To be honest, it was more a message to Kai regarding his former accusation. He implied I was shilling my comment score, when it *just* posta as +2... I do nothing.

As for Syllable - you assume I'm not in the loop? Maybe - I stopped any Syllable interest 3 odd years ago. But, I was there at the start. It floundered with the advent of Syllable Server, got overly bogged down in REBOL, then Vanders left. Syllable now is a former shade of what it might have been that much is clear.

Look at a successful project like Haiku. Started around the same time. Which is more mature? Which has traction?

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Haiku is a bit different league, no? Well, just my feeling about the project. Apart from technical things, it also seems the project is rather well organised. I wonder, in that regard, what internal organisation was there for Syllable? I mean - e.g. some council, voting?

I am not sure the Syllable project collapse, just because one person, Kaj, wanted to have REBOL language on-board?

Sometimes simply project does not generate enough of community and volunteer following. This is e.g. case even for REBOL language, and in general almost anything Amiga related this days.

Well, while I think, that really - Syllable is getting nowhere nowadays, because the lack of man-power, I think that RED might get somewhere, because REBOL really has some qualities to follow. But - there's so many languages out there, so let anyone follow anything he/she is interested into.

In the future I propose separate RED related news, with no link to Syllable, nor REBOL, as it is causing only a harm and generally negative reactions, because of such a relation. Pity for such a young project to carry that past heritage.

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