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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This rumour is not new, nor is it particularly earth-shattering. However, with Windows Phone 7 failing to make a dent in the market place, and Nokia's Lumia 800 not making huge waves either, the rumour's been taken out of the shed again: Microsoft is supposedly acquiring Nokia's smartphone division later this year. Stephen Elop will resign from Nokia shortly afterwards.
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Simply look at Samsung. They started their OS story much later than Nokia, being 2 times smaller in smartphone, having worse dev support (compared to QT) and still Bada is already much larger than whole WP7 ecosystem and contrary to it growing steady. And Samsung doesn't have hero devices like N9.
Maemo6 has greatly incorporated good ideas from WP7 on OS level (utilization of swipe gesture) with more traditional approach to apps to ease transition from other environments. Porting to WP7 having much different ui philosophy and restricted dev options is much harder.
Besides Nokia still has a strong brand in many countries that has only been tainted by windows on a phone nonsense.

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