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OSNews, Generic OSes Ah yes, why not? The last time we did this, it was March 2011, so it's been almost a year since we offered a little insight into what kind of operating systems and browsers you, dear readers, are using. Nothing particularly earth-shattering going on here.
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RE[2]: Flash usage
by lfeagan on Sat 7th Jan 2012 02:39 UTC in reply to "RE: Flash usage"
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My little experiment is meeting with mixed-success. Most techy sites have been reasonably usable. But apparently Taco Bell felt that having Flash on their front page was critical and told me I needed Flash ("This site requires that you have Adobe Flash installed on your computer. Click here to download and install Flash."). Thankfully I didn't really need their site to get the info I wanted.

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RE[3]: Flash usage
by jptros on Sat 7th Jan 2012 05:24 in reply to "RE[2]: Flash usage"
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Right, you can pick up a laxative at your local Walgreens for much cheaper than taco bell sells them for.

Sorry, I had to. Taco Bell is the funkiest of the funky fast food joints. ;)

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RE[3]: Flash usage
by BushLin on Sun 8th Jan 2012 05:37 in reply to "RE[2]: Flash usage"
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I'm guessing installing the add-on NoScript is probably an answer you weren't aware of.

You can choose whether things like flash objects run or not, on a permanent or temporary basis.

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