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Windows And so the smartphonification of the general purpose computer continues. This time around, though, it might actually be for the better. Microsoft has detailed two new features in Windows 8: refreshing and resetting your computer. Reinstalls will be a thing of the past.
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RE[6]: Slow down?
by Alfman on Sat 7th Jan 2012 10:29 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Slow down?"
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"So don't blame NTFS as there isn't anything wrong with it, it has symlinks and junctions and all the other features you'd expect from a FS, its just you can't use the crap utilities that come with it if you want it to be running tip top as MSFT will get their butts sued. I mean how long have they owned MSE now and they are STILL not allowed to include an AV by default?"

So microsoft is required to make crap products by law? That explains alot!

I'm kidding, although I don't think microsoft was ever prevented from developing whatever it wanted, the antitrust was about bundling and giving it's own products preferential treatment in windows. As a monopoly it wasn't allowed to do that.

"...neither has ever needed reinstall thanks to my secret which is.....don't install crappy software! I know, its a concept and i'm sure heartbroken over those kitty screensavers i missed out on, but that's the price of having a rock solid Windows i suppose."

You can mitigate risks by not installing anything new on the machine, and it's true there's a lot of crapware out there. However I find it disappointing that such strict no-playing-around policies are needed to keep the OS running well. Isn't it reasonable to judge an OS by how easy it is to get rid of unwanted junk? For windows, often times it's much easier to to reinstall than to fix. More likely than not, the problem lies in the registry, but there's no systematic approach to solving registry problems. even if I can compare it side by side with a working system, it's a can of worms.

All platforms have pros and cons, choose what works best for you and to each their own!

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