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Syllable, AtheOS Red/System, the new programming language that is used in the Syllable project, has reached its next milestone: an ARM code generator backend for its compiler. It supports Android (screenshot) and generic ARM Linux (screenshot on Debian). Earlier, the backend for generating Mac OS X executables was already completed (for x86 CPUs so far).
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RE[2]: Comment by henderson101
by zima on Sun 8th Jan 2012 23:56 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by henderson101"
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Try better next time. There's many topics here at OSNews, and if I am not interested, I either don't read it, or I stay away from commenting. So Syllable got early RED support - what's wrong with that? That news is not a rocket science to understand ...

That seems a bit backward to me (pretty much an outsider to those few projects; no side to take, I think ...except, yeah, I can roughly see in what state Syllable is for some time now, compare it to some other projects; and by some almost local "patriotism" - lets not pretend it can't influence overall trends in software - I should even stand more behind Syllable vs., say, Haiku).
It appears that cipri cares (or at least cared, which is for all intents and purposes just as good here) for Syllable, has quite a bit of inside experience with it and related - which places such somebody firmly in the group of interested & with valuable perspective to share, to comment.

PS. And you seem to be almost reaching also his assertions ...but not quite / almost like being vary of that part of the conclusion. Yes, people are not really interested in Syllable for some time now - and cipri offers seemingly compelling answer to "why?" (partly at least)

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