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Internet & Networking With financial backing from the likes of Michael Dell and other venture capitalists, open source upstart Nginx has edged out Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server) to hold the title of second-most widely used Web server among all active websites. What's more, according to Netcraft's January 2012 Web Server Survey, Nginx over the past month has gained market share among all websites, whereas competitors Apache, Microsoft, and Google each lost share.
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RE[5]: Comment by sb56637
by rayson on Mon 9th Jan 2012 00:13 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by sb56637"
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Can you reveal where you found that price? I haven't found any VPS providers at anywhere close to that price in the US.

Or use Amazon EC2 for free:

(Of course, if it is a busy site, then you will need to pay for extra bandwidth charges.)

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RE[6]: Comment by sb56637
by Alfman on Mon 9th Jan 2012 04:30 in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by sb56637"
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I am well aware of the amazon EC/S3 services.

The "free" service is just a temporary promotional price to demonstrate the technology.

For loads that won't be running 24/7, then EC2 might be a good deal since you don't pay for the down time. But for always on service, dedicated servers will probably be both cheaper and more powerful.

The smallest EC2 virtual CPU instance still costs almost $800/year full time.

For about the same price, you can get dual core dedicated servers at 1and1 and godaddy (*) which are not only more powerful, but include storage and bandwidth costs which are additional through amazon's service.

I realize we're comparing apples and oranges in a way, but in filling the role transitionally assigned to 24/7 dedicated servers, I found amazon's cloud services to be priced uncompetitively - even more so now that such cheap VPS providers have surfaced (assuming they're not too good to be true).

Never the less, it's a valid option and I do appreciate the link very much.

* Edit: I'm not enduring their service (especially with the recent SOPA controversy), just price comparing.

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