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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Somewhere in 2001, I bought a computer magazine which came with a Linux CD. I had heard of Linux before, but while we did have broadband back then and was technically capable of downloading a Linux distribution, this method was far easier. This was my first foray into Linux - it was Mandrake. Now, though, it seems the curtain has really dropped for the French Linux company.
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I loved it
by silviucc on Mon 9th Jan 2012 13:42 UTC
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I started with RedHat and then Mandrake came when I got my Dell Optiplex GX1. It still has Mandrake 10 on it.

I hope Mageia will carry stuff on, it still has one of the best KDE desktops out there.. It's a pity. That was a nice linux distro.

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me, too: I loved it
by cjcoats on Mon 9th Jan 2012 14:05 in reply to "I loved it"
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I've been running Mandrake/Mandriva since I upgraded to it from RedHat 4.1, and have loved it--it makes it far easier for scientists/modelers/developers than the other distros I've tried: try putting the GRASS GIS on SuSE, for example: a nightmare: you have to build from scratch, and have major name- and dependency-problems with the libraries. OTOH, whenever I've tried on Mandriva (since at least 7.1), urpmi grass just works. And building the latest Subversion-copy from scratch has been quite easy, too (./configure gives you a list of needed libraries -- which are all available from an obvious urpmi command.

The one thing I really disliked was forcing a not-ready KDE4 with Mandriva 2010.0 (as many other distros did). Still, it was possible to run a hybrid 2010.0/2009.1 KDE3 environment (which I'm still doing on three of my machines: if it works, don't fix/break it!).

Sad the way this has played out for what has been my favorite distro.

I wonder how my luck will be with Mageia?

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RE: I loved it
by docbop on Mon 9th Jan 2012 17:15 in reply to "I loved it"
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Same here moving to Mandrake back when it first came out and it made me a KDE fan for a long time. I sure hope they work things out.

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