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Hardware, Embedded Systems The news I've seen coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show this year isn't particularly breathtaking or awe-inspiring. Phones, tablets, faster, thinner, yes, yes, we've all been here before. There is one piece of news, however, that stands out from the crowd. The best-selling TV maker in the US, Vizio, is entering the PC market. Stunning designs for both laptop and all-in-one - and buried deep within the press release lies the creamy nougaty centre that makes me want to buy one even more: a Windows 7 install optimised by Microsoft, free of crapware.
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actually i dont know much about vizio...
by Spoonman on Tue 10th Jan 2012 00:17 UTC
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2009-02-26 they are us based and usualy dont ship their products to europe, but i could not hold myself back from importing a vTab1008 android tablet built by vizio as the specs sounded ok and the price was apealing. However, i already kind of regret my desicion as the version of android that ships with the vTab is very limited interface wise, they built their own interface and cutting off major parts of the os. The launcher has only the functionality of what normally the app drawer is for and can not hold widgets, the desktop is replaced by a 'widget board' that can not hold any icons and comes up by doubleclicking the home button, the notification system is at least bugy, the grapics performance is very limited in 2d resulting in a choppy user expirience, memmory management is flaky and the drawbacks go on. I was able to root my device before the latest firmware update came out and disabled root, so i was able to disable the update service that would otherwise pop up every few minutes reminding me that a new update is available, which does not change anyhing other than disabling root.
Also to help comunity development i tried to get the kernel sources from vizio so we can build custom kernels and port cm7 to the vtab, but there is no contact option except the outsourced helpdesk, which prooved to have no idea what a kernel is ("you need a hardware driver?) and then, after i teached him what linux and gpl is, told me to ask google for the sources. However, he refused from providing a contact to vizio dev department which, as i found out later, does not even exist, but is outsourced as well.

So i think this device is at least for me and i think for many other buyers as well, will be the last piece of hardware i will ever buy from vizio.

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"GPL Codes

The download on this page is unnecessary for almost all VIZIO users. The codes on this page may be needed if you do programming to alter the code."

Haha, love it!

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Yes, nice... but i don't see the vTab1008 there.

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