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OSNews, Generic OSes The last few weeks there's been a considerable amount of chatter on the web about whether or not a news website, blog, or some hybrid thereof, needs comments. Since we are working on the next version of OSNews, which means I've been thinking about things like this a lot, I figured I'd pen down my thoughts on comments.
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Contrary to what you might expect, content isn't everything. Input consists of so much more than content alone, something that's often overlooked. The most important of these is the commenting engine itself. A site can be filled with top-notch content, comprehensive reviews, great video material, and so on. They can be quick with news, have interesting scoops, and can generally be fun to read. They can put an extraordinary amount of time and love into every aspect of the site...

...and then they slap on a generic third-party cross-website commenting engine which isn't particularly good to begin with.

That right there describes ;) Absolutely brilliant articles, reviews, news, etc ... and one of the worst commenting systems ever. Especially if you want to know which ones you've read, or be notified of replies, or anything actually useful.

My only beef with the OSNews commenting system is that "seen/unseen" status is stored client-side, in the web browser, and not server-side, in the user's account (where it belongs).

Meaning, if I read X number of comments on my work computer using Chrome, then go home and read the comments using Firefox everything shows up as "new". Even just switching from Chrome to Firefox on the same computer is annoying as the "seen/read" status stays in Chrome.

"read/unread" status really needs to be saved with the account, so that if follows you from browser to browser, computer to computer, etc.

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