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OSNews, Generic OSes The last few weeks there's been a considerable amount of chatter on the web about whether or not a news website, blog, or some hybrid thereof, needs comments. Since we are working on the next version of OSNews, which means I've been thinking about things like this a lot, I figured I'd pen down my thoughts on comments.
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RE[2]: Comment by Anonymous Penguin
by bryhhh on Wed 11th Jan 2012 08:24 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Anonymous Penguin"
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Why not have a moderation system like on the stack exchange Q&A sites. Users on these sites earn reputation from being up voted, the higher your reputation, the more 'moderation' power you have. If you vote down a question or answer, both the poster and your own reputation will be reduced. The site also encourages you to post a reason why you've down voted a question or answer, so that the OP can improve their post based upon your feedback. This mostly discourages needless down votes, however it doesn't stop them, and like your self, whenever I do find down voted questions or answers, especially when nobody has bothered explaining why they've down voted, then I'll counter the down vote with an up vote, except it cases where the down vote was clearly justified of course.

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