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OSNews, Generic OSes The last few weeks there's been a considerable amount of chatter on the web about whether or not a news website, blog, or some hybrid thereof, needs comments. Since we are working on the next version of OSNews, which means I've been thinking about things like this a lot, I figured I'd pen down my thoughts on comments.
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Anonymous Penguin
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I passionately hate this misfeature. It misrepresents reality, badly. Some things are bad and it should be possible to identify them as such. Allowing only positive moderation only works in a utopian world, which we don't have. Requiring it in this world is the same as lying to yourself. I distrust any forum where you're only permitted to express positive opinions.

It seems to work fine with us ;) User should only be able to say "I like it". Staff should get rid of crap.
During the years I have got rid of idiotic, arrogant members of staff.
IMO, that is the root of all evil (in a forum). OTOH I run the forum with an iron fist in a velvet glove, and that works very well, believe me ;)

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sorpigal Member since:

I believe that it works. I also believe that it doesn't scale, is discourteous and encourages passive, eloi behavior. I won't tell you to stop, but I'll say it's bad and shouldn't be done here.

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I also believe that it doesn't scale, is discourteous and encourages passive, eloi behavior.

I allow freedom of speach more than any previous administrator, so I don't know why it should encourage eloi behaviour ;)

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There are several comments here that I would have liked to show my agreement with, but the restrictions are preventing that, I find the current voting system meaningless because of that.

Perhaps a compromise would be to make upvoting unrestricted and just limit downvoting?

An alternative solution that others have suggested is to split "moderation" and "voting" into two separate functions. The moderation would only have downvoting and it would be a privilege that could be revoked if it was used abusively.

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