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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Raspberry Pis started being made a couple of days ago, but I was forbidden to tell you about it until signed contracts and receipts for payment had arrived - it's been killing me, especially since I've had tens of you asking me when manufacturing would start every day for the last few weeks. I am not good at keeping secrets." No more secrets to keep, Liz! I can't wait to place my order.
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by mormon on Wed 11th Jan 2012 20:26 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Subtext"
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I understood, that UK work has similar price as "Far East" price. The difference is tax for single part and for whole device. You have to pay more for assembling device because tax for getting all parts from abroad is higher than for getting whole device. So I'm asking, where is that "free trade"?

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by TechGeek on Wed 11th Jan 2012 22:33 in reply to "RE[3]: Subtext"
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I doubt human labor has that much to do with it. I think its more about the fact that the manufacturing process is extremely toxic for the environment. There are a lot of nasty chemicals used in fabbing and electronics manufacturing. Theoretically, those high taxes go to offset the damage done to the environment by providing money for things like reforestation and spill cleanups. Hence, completed device are not taxed. I could be wrong, I am not a UK citizen. But it is a reasonable explanation and one of the things that pushed manufacturing out of the US.

As for countries like China, I have little sympathy. While behind us, they at least have the benefit of our experience. There is no reason other than government control that they aren't a first world nation.

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