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OSNews, Generic OSes The last few weeks there's been a considerable amount of chatter on the web about whether or not a news website, blog, or some hybrid thereof, needs comments. Since we are working on the next version of OSNews, which means I've been thinking about things like this a lot, I figured I'd pen down my thoughts on comments.
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How do your quizzes work? Do you mean questions that have to be answered correctly in order to post, and this eliminates machine-generated spam?

This would get rid of spam, but how do you manage trolls?

Thanks for your feedback.

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Our quizzes have 2 aims:
1)Stop spammers
2)As ours is a highly technical forum, we want to make sure that our users have a basic computer knowledge.
Quiz 1 let's them write in the "New Users Lounge". 13 questions, 10 answers must be correct.
Quiz 2 allows them to write everywhere, 15/20.

We have very few trolls, possibly due to the quizzes as well, but we have also 30 members of staff who deal with all issues which might occur.

I hope this answers your questions ;)

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