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Legal "Though a deeply divided Congress is currently considering Internet website censorship legislation, the US has no such official policy - not even for child porn, which is voluntarily blocked by some ISPs. Nor does the US have a government-backed 'three strikes' or 'graduated response' system of escalating warnings to particular users accused of downloading music and movies from file-sharing networks. Yet here was the ultimatum that the US Embassy in Madrid gave the Spanish government in February 2008: adopt such measures or we will punish you. Thanks to WikiLeaks, we have the text of the diplomatic cable announcing the pressure tactics." Isn't it funny that one of the main driving forces behind the push for more stringent copyright laws, Disney, has built its empire almost entirely on appropriating European public domain stories? As a European, that's just insulting.
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by zima on Fri 13th Jan 2012 23:32 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Darkmage"
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To get back to the "original intent" of the US constitution, you are gonna have to strip women, minorities, and non-land owning white males of their rights. Which is going to be awkwaaaaaaaaard...

Going further - how much, really, those rights were there mostly to shield big owners? (essentially corporations of the past; we do have historical record of XIX century, times of massive corruption and profiteering (pretty much everywhere, of course) - and you know, I believe our times will be remembered similarly "glorious" & more in the sphere of myths; it's happening before our eyes, for example the "~50s were awesome" myth while ...inaccurate memories of the past, seeing it as much better than it really was, is probably at the core of populist ~conservatism)

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