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RE[5]: Flash usage
by zima on Fri 13th Jan 2012 23:51 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Flash usage"
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> SPDY is not good in the sense that with Google Services Chrome looks like it is faster.

How is that not good?

> Chrome kinda uses it secretly, which means things like gmail etc run faster than they do in other browsers.

Again, how is that not good?

> Yeah it is an "open" standard but only Google are using it.

Blame those not using it, not those that do.

Well it is somewhat reminiscent of Embrace, Extend...

I mean, come on, Opera is one of the most standards complaint browsers (also according to Chrome guys! ), but it often works horrible / borderline unusable in js-heavy Google services; and now they're starting to neglect other browsers too, I hear.

Right now, for example, Gmail is basically broken - well, at least its js version ...and, again, that's despite Chromium guys claiming not a long time ago (when Gmail also worked poorly in Opera) that Opera is most standards-compliant in js!

Seems to me it's at least somewhat akin to bundling of IE in the case of Microsoft - strength in one area propping up another, and not strictly by virtue.

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