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Windows And so the war on general computing continues. Were you looking forward to ARM laptops and maybe even desktops now that Windows 8 will also be released for ARM? I personally was, because I'd much rather have a thin, but fast and economical machine than a beastly Intel PC. Sadly, it turns out that all our fears regarding UEFI's Secure Boot feature were justified: Microsoft prohibits OEMs from allowing you to install anything other than Windows 8 on ARM devices (the Software Freedom Law Center has more).
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lemur2 posted....
"In my country, today, I can buy an ARM netbook and run Linux on it quite happily:

Although the OEM offers either WinCE or Android pre-installed, there is no reason why I couldn't run say Debian for ARM with KDE if I want to.

Awesome! Unfortunately the shipping from Australia to the US knocks in an additional 149 AUD making my total $359.171 USD according to conversions done by ;)

Still because I remember you from the BeOS days (you were the PhOS guy, weren't you?) I have to ask--how does running one of those "Dreambooks with a Linux distro handle? I figure you're probably the guy to ask.


Sorry, but I'm not the BeOS guy, and I don't own an ARM netbook. The netbook I do own is an Acer Aspire One 522, which uses an AMD Fusion C50 APU. I got this one only because it was one of a very limited choice available to me, as an award.

Even though this netbook came with Windows 7 starter, I am running Kubuntu Precise Pangolin Aplha on in right now as I type this, and so I am significantly better off. Since I am the owner of the hardware, the fact that I can do so is they way it should be, IMO.

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