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Google It really hasn't been Google's week. First the entire internet exploded because of some uninteresting nonsense regarding social networking (really internet?), but today something happened that's actually a bad thing and worth talking about: in Kenya, Google has been caught accessing the databases of a competing business, and offering Google's own product to the people in the database. Google has already apologised, and is currently investigating the matter.
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RE[5]: monopoly abuse
by BallmerKnowsBest on Mon 16th Jan 2012 16:09 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: monopoly abuse"
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So basically your revised argument is the same as your previous one, but with a few more repetitions of the "OMG advertising company" handwaving. It's hard to tell exactly what your point is, because you dance it around it some much, but it appears to be this:

Actions can only have beneficial results if the motivations for them are 100% "pure"/altruistic. Which is like arguing that it would be bad if someone accidentally discovered a cure for cancer in process of trying to develop a penis enlargement pill.

Oh, and:

Because Google gives so much stuff, often very nice stuff, away for free and talks about being 'open' a lot, it's easy to not see what Google really does as a business and therefore what drives it and what one can expect from it.
The main thing though is to not pretend that Google is anything other than what it is. The world's largest advertising company.

In other words, you've made a self-serving assumption that people only support Google out of naïveté (also known as a "Strawman argument").

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