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SkyOS "This [release] is a true gem for developers. SkyOS got a lot of under-the-hood work, the Integrated Streaming System and the networking stack have been reworked, the API has been standardised, missing libraries and functions have been added and a lot of bugs have been resolved. I think what we're seeing is a quasi-feature freeze. This actually serves its purpose, SkyOS is now much more stable, reliable and responsive than before."
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RE: It's good, but's it's long...
by zizban on Sun 23rd Oct 2005 22:35 UTC in reply to "It's good, but's it's long..."
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I agree with all your points. Absolutely, it is taking ages; but today I learned SkyOS is actually a complete rewrite of the OS from the ground up, with little but a few APIs left over from the previous versions. Now that I know this, the beta cycle makes more sense.

And underneath SkyOS it is coming together but boy it seems slow.

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Well, like most hobby developers he probably wants to make sure it is as complete as he can get it before releasing it to the world, and as perfect as possible; couple that with only a one (maybe more?) developers, I think the concerntration should be the quality not how fast it is pumped out.

If it comes out as a very stable piece of software and gains some traction, hopefully then Robert might be able to employ some people to help develop it - considering that the costs would be small, on the basis that all developers would be working from home, and most would simply be earning a meger income that would simply pay for a few things and maybe the weekly beer, I'd say the future is looking pretty good.

With that being said, however, I would personally would love to see the core; kernel and lower layers opensourced under something like CDDL as to allow cross pollination between the projects.

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