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Google Fascinating. After the whole Mocality story, we were greeted by another story of Google misconduct. This time, it's OpenStreetMap, which claims that users connecting from the same Google IP addresses in India as in the Mocality incident are vandalising OpenStreetMap data. Google has confirmed to ReadWriteWeb that two contractors acting on their own behalf while on the Google network were responsible. Another, less serious instance of Google misconduct, perhaps, but OpenStreetMap's handling of this issue does smell fishy.
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Google can do no Evil
by marsofearth on Thu 19th Jan 2012 06:42 UTC
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It is obvious that it was not actually Google that did these evil things.

It was Apple. I am sure we can all agree that Google hired, unknown to them, Apple Spy Contractors that then acted to vandalize and undermine Mocality, and OpenStreetMap and likely thousands of other business's.

Just look at the User Agent that was used... AppleWebKit!!!! Smoking Gun!

Apple is Evil, Google is Good, after all Google uses Linux to sell ads on mobile phones, and anything Linux is Pure and Good.


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