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OSNews, Generic OSes ...and we're back. Like so many other sites on the web, OSNews joined the worldwide protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act and the PROTECT-IP Act, which threaten to end free speech, economic innovation, privacy, and the free exchange of information on the web. I don't wish to waste too many words on our participation, so consider this item as a sort of comment lightening rod to make sure that when the next story is posted, we can focus fully on its topic. Update: DC seems to be getting the message the internet sent today.
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RE[3]: Porn
by Laurence on Thu 19th Jan 2012 09:11 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Porn"
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But the goverment has the responsability to make the work of the parents easier and not harder. So your excuse is lame.

They government are not making it harder though. To do that the government would have to proactively create legislation making it easier to download porn.

In fact, I'd argue that inaction is actually more beneficial as SOPA (et al) wouldn't prevent your kids from getting porn online - it would just push such sites further underground where it's harder to monitor. One of the benefits of having everything in the open is that everything can also be monitored and thus better controlled against the few case scenarios that warrant censoring (ie your kids from porn)

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