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Apple Apple's education event just ended, and just as Ars Technica said, Apple announced better support for textbooks, as well as a textbook authoring tool. The textbook authoring tool is heavily inspired by Keynote and Pages, and hence, I already know it's going to be top-notch and very pleasant to use. In addition, the company also repositioned iTunes U as a Blackboard competitor. As great as all these new tools are, several large red flags went up in my mind: I remember what it was like being the only student who didn't use Windows. Update: "Any e-textbook author that wants access to the iPad-toting masses must make his or her work an exclusive to iBooks 2."
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Done with OSNews nonsense.
by Anim8me2 on Fri 20th Jan 2012 17:53 UTC
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Yup, Thom... your ridiculous anti-Apple bias is pretty obvious. I read (past tense) OSNews for non-biased information about multiple OSs.

If you actually read the EULA you would understand that the only thing Apple says is that the wrapper (iBooks 2) is what you can't sell through other vectors. The actual content is still your entirely and you are free to sell it on other services as long as i is not in iBooks form.

Your take is the kind of ridiculous nonsense that keep me and others from reading tech blogs.

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RE: Done with OSNews nonsense.
by karunko on Fri 20th Jan 2012 19:51 in reply to "Done with OSNews nonsense."
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The actual content is still your entirely and you are free to sell it on other services as long as i is not in iBooks form.

You are so wrong it actually hurts! The EULA reads:

B. Distribution of your Work
(i) [...]
(ii) a) [...]
(ii) b) Apple may determine for any reason and in its sole discretion not to select your Work for distribution.

I wonder what is going to be: pro Intelligent Design or against it? Did dinosaurs and men actually walk the earth together as someone would like us to believe? The mind boggles...


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You are not disputing what I wrote,
"Apple may determine not to distribute this work" does not mean you can not distribute it in any other manner. The content is still yours. Period.

Also, this covers them from distributing the textbook equivalent of fart apps. Wouldn't there just be a bit of furor over that!

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