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OSNews, Generic OSes ...and we're back. Like so many other sites on the web, OSNews joined the worldwide protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act and the PROTECT-IP Act, which threaten to end free speech, economic innovation, privacy, and the free exchange of information on the web. I don't wish to waste too many words on our participation, so consider this item as a sort of comment lightening rod to make sure that when the next story is posted, we can focus fully on its topic. Update: DC seems to be getting the message the internet sent today.
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All censorship is bad censorship !!!
by Zer0C001 on Fri 20th Jan 2012 21:07 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Porn"
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"The world is just not this small group of people who are able to setup parental restrictions on a computer. And even if they were, there are no guarantees that the next door won't have that available.

The problem has nothing to do with people not being able to set up parental restrictions, the problem is that on a wide scale parents today just don't spend enough time with their kids to make sure they are alright because they are too busy 'living their own lives'.

This in turn is just insane, because when you become a parent you dawn well should realize that from now on there is no thing called your own life and that whetever microscoping scraps are left of it will always come at a distant second to the needs of your children.

Sadly we are seeing parents today shrugging off these responsibilities (and it hurts me to write 'responsibilities' because it's just crazy that some people will look at it as that and not as caring for the most precious thing you'll ever have in your life) in order to live their lives while claiming that the responsibility for their kids behaviour and lack of parenting is the fault of the school and things like you know, 'internet porn'.

Kids are increasingly screwed up these days due to lack of love and attention from their parents and in some cases through traumatic real world incidents, not because they watched a hardcore porn clip on the internet.

So true ... and censoring the internet will give those parents more excuses to pay less attention to their kids, for example let's just leave them in front of the PC, because we know it's safe ( the government says so, now that they have censored it ), and spend less time with them.

Also wasn't there quite a number of studies showing negative correlation between the availability of porn and sex crimes ?

South Africa ? A place where there's almost no internet access ? Thanks for making the point about no censorship and easier access to the interwebs !

To anyone using the "think of the children" argument: Haven't you seen porn when you were young ? Even without the internets ? Like in a magazine or something ? And are you screwed up because of that ? My point : If your children see porn on the internet it's probably because they were looking for it, and if they really want to see it, no amount of censorship will stop them ! And in your browser there's a thing called history, you know, a place from which you can find out if someone has been visiting pornographic web sites, now tell me that your parents found those well hidden magazines !
And instead of worrying that your child has been searching for porn on the internet, don't you think it's about time to have "the talk" with your 17 years old son, or your 20 years old daughter ?

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Yeah right, your comment is ignorant and here is why:

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