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General Development This is a call out for help on creating a consistent and native feeling on Mac OS X and Linux. As I have never owned a Mac and haven't used Linux as my main OS for over 3 years I need the community of OSNews to help me do this.
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GNUStep to the rescue!
by tidux on Mon 23rd Jan 2012 14:23 UTC
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GNUStep allows you to write Cocoa apps on OS X and simply recompile them for Linux. The Linux version will look old and gray, but that's actually kinda what "native" looks like on X11 systems.

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RE: GNUStep to the rescue!
by No it isnt on Mon 23rd Jan 2012 15:47 in reply to "GNUStep to the rescue!"
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I'm not sure GNUstep is entirely Cocoa compliant, but you probably could compile most GNUstep apps under Cocoa. Then again, hardly anyone uses GNUstep, so most users would avoid an application that depends on yet another library. Just installing GNUstep's Minesweeper clone takes almost 50 MB because of that, and it behaves like a true alien under KDE, with its own desktop menus and dock icons.

So yeah, it's native and ugly under Linux, but also brings along with it parts of the Nextstep desktop. It might be interesting to try it under Windowmaker, but who uses that nowadays?

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RE[2]: GNUStep to the rescue!
by tidux on Mon 23rd Jan 2012 21:25 in reply to "RE: GNUStep to the rescue!"
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I do. I kinda oscillate between Window Maker, StumpWM, and GNOME, depending on the system specs and my mood.

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RE: GNUStep to the rescue!
by wazoox on Mon 23rd Jan 2012 16:34 in reply to "GNUStep to the rescue!"
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With √Čtoil√© GNUStep looks nice...

Another good option is wxWidgets, it allows a real nice native touch after more than 10 years of improvements.

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RE: GNUStep to the rescue!
by robertson on Tue 24th Jan 2012 05:56 in reply to "GNUStep to the rescue!"
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I'm not sure of the progress of these efforts, but a GNOME theme was working but unfinished on GNUstep somewhat recently:

There are a couple other posts about this on that blog, which is written by the maintainer of GNUstep, Gregory John Casamento.

More on GNUstep themes:

Your best bet for current information is the mailing lists:

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