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General Development This is a call out for help on creating a consistent and native feeling on Mac OS X and Linux. As I have never owned a Mac and haven't used Linux as my main OS for over 3 years I need the community of OSNews to help me do this.
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Good Luck
by bryhhh on Mon 23rd Jan 2012 14:58 UTC
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I agree entirely with what the author is trying to achieve here. Nothing peeves me more than an inconsistent look and feel to a user interface.

Media players and soft VoIP clients are the worst offenders. Why they feel the need to reinvent the wheel, I've no idea. Having said that, I do think the author has a massive challenge ahead, after all, Microsoft themselves provide different libraries (winforms, MFC, WPF, etc) that all give different results. Look at some of their own products too, Office, Media Player, there's no consistency.

I'd be interested to see how the Windows app (in the screenshot) looks on Windows XP, as I'd imagine it looks very much out of place. What about on Windows 7 with Aero disabled?

Tough challenge, but I wish you well.

Also, respect the target platform's way of working. e.g. On Linux, store user data under $HOME, on Windows, use the APIs to get the correct locations, *don't* store them in the Program Files directory or in a directory off the root of the system drive. Ensure your software runs completely without administrator rights (with exception to the installer). Ensure your software works in different environments (e.g. does it work when folder redirection/roaming profiles is enabled in a corporate environment). Use an installer that is easy for end users to install your software, but also powerful enough to allow automated mass deployment to an entire network of computers (using standard existing deployment techniques). Honour other system wide/user settings, e.g. font sizes/colours.

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RE: Good Luck
by ephracis on Mon 23rd Jan 2012 22:20 in reply to "Good Luck"
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Thanks for the kind words!

For the stuff about Microsoft: I know! I am using WPF and I have styled it EXTREMELY to get a good looking feel of the interface. The standard WPF theme is awful.

As for the challenges: that's why I'm doing this. ;)

And lastly, of course it's not only about the look. But about installation procedures, file structure layout, etc, etc. I want the user to believe that Stoffi exists for his/her platform only (or at least was developed for it first).

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