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General Development This is a call out for help on creating a consistent and native feeling on Mac OS X and Linux. As I have never owned a Mac and haven't used Linux as my main OS for over 3 years I need the community of OSNews to help me do this.
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RE[6]: Use Qt4 library
by ephracis on Tue 24th Jan 2012 14:12 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Use Qt4 library"
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Well their promise not to sue is in written form and on "alternative" platforms I will avoid the System.Windows namespace like the plague (since that part is not included in their license). That is good enough for me and I choose to be an opportunist. ;)

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RE[7]: Use Qt4 library
by DaveDavtropen on Tue 24th Jan 2012 22:42 in reply to "RE[6]: Use Qt4 library"
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C#? Your Mac port is already toast. You'll either have to wrangle the Mono framework as a built-in dependency or convince your users to install it for system-wide use. Good luck with that.

The situation is a lot less dire on Linux, where GNOME flirted with Mono for a long time before Vala showed up, but you'll still need to check dependencies.

Your best bet would be to rewrite the core/server code in C, or at least in a language that compiles to C and exports C APIs (only Vala comes to mind). Of course, then you have to worry about the fact that each environment does audio differently.... Come to think of it, this is a very silly project.

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