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General Development "Today Mozilla and the Rust community are releasing version 0.1 of the Rust compiler and associated tools. Rust is a strongly-typed systems programming language with a focus on memory safety and concurrency. This is the initial release of the compiler after a multi-year development cycle focusing on self-hosting, implementation of major features, and solidifying the syntax. Version 0.1 should be considered an alpha release, suitable for early adopters and language enthusiasts. It's nifty, but it will still eat your laundry."
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RE[2]: Very Promising
by Alfman on Tue 24th Jan 2012 19:25 UTC in reply to "RE: Very Promising"
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"You need lighthouse/beacon projects that can propel a language into mainstream. You also need a major backing."

I agree one needs major backing to push a new language into the mainstream. These days, the modern language market is so crowded & fragmented, with no compelling advantages over the other, that they all hurt each other's chances at displacing the incumbent languages regardless of merit. I think this is the main reason why older languages have lasted so long in spite of being rough around the edges and falling behind feature-wise.

"On Slashdot everybody seems to act like whining little bitch each time something new comes along that might encompass change.(OSnews has those too, but they aren't the majority it seems)"

At the risk of being so labeled, we are often subjected to technologies that are merely superficially new without contributing anything substantial to the state of the art.

I would like to see new languages becoming unified to gain momentum and overtake older languages, but I'm not counting on that happening.

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