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Windows Ars Technica has posted a lengthy article on the new promising Microsoft Command Shell. It looks at MSH from the point of view of both coders and Windows admins.
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Virtual Terminals
by morganth on Mon 24th Oct 2005 05:51 UTC
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"This is actually generally considered to be a bad thing by X developers. Because you actually have two drivers for the display loaded at all times, one gets halted and the other takes over. Apparently it causes some odd complications. Although, I've found occasional use for multiple X Servers, I've never found use for using the virtual terminals while I have an X session (except to kill the one that's broken because of the mediocre nvidia driver)."

It's not considered to be a bad thing by X developers. It's just that some X driver writers don't code the routines that will handle VT switching.

Virtual Terminals are a very nice feature. They allow you to still control your system even if all modes of input on one VT are kaput. Mouse driver crashes? Switch to a VT. XOrg caught in an infinite loop? Switch to a VT. Etc.

Sure, VTs + Xorg may introduce complexity over Microsoft's model (which is to have a lot of graphics code sitting right near the kernel), but we also gain something from that.

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